Beyond bridges & between chains

Effortlessly achieve unparalleled pricing on any asset swap.

Magpie dApp user interface, showing a swap between ARB token on Arbitrum and ETH on Ethereum.

Execute optimal swaps,
on or across chains.

Experience swift and cost-effective swaps between countless assets.

12 Chains supported - with more to come

Ethereum chain
Polygon PoS
Polygon zkEVM

Assets supported


Total aggregated liquidity




Swap in three steps.


Easily connect to your web3 wallet.

Choose from trusted wallets like MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, or Rabby, with even more options coming soon.


Choose swap terms and validate.

Select your source and destination chains and tokens, enter the desired swap amount, and then approve and confirm the offer.


Assets will now reach your wallet.

That's it! Sit back and relax, or start a new swap. Your assets will arrive in no time.

The Magpie Mafia

Your loyalty is rewarded.

Become a valued member of the Magpie Mafia and start earning points and exciting rewards for all your activities on our app.

Claim your NFT on Magpie after your first swap on Polygon PoS.

Claim your NFT after your first swap

Image of Magpie Mafia section in the sidebar of the Magpie app
Once you've joined the Magpie Mafia, your activity will be rewarded with XP points.

Get XP points for your activity

Exclusive perks can be obtained by being part of the Magpie Mafia.

Earn exclusive rewards

Earn token rewards and boosted points during our limited campaigns.

Hang tight, Our next campaign is coming soon!

Ended 08.06.2024
14 days
Any to any
Manta Network
  • 2,000 MANTA
  • XP Boosts
  • 50 USDC x 5

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About Us

We’re cuckoo about cross-chain

We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts, passionate about making DeFi accessible, efficient and cool.

The Magpie roadmap

Get a bird’s eye view of where we're heading next. You have ideas that you don't see in there? We're all ears!

Q1 - 2024

Private Round - Fundraising
Magpie Mafia season 2
Magpie Explorer
Magpie B2B services rollout
New EVM chains
zkSync, Mantle, Gnosis, Celo, Manta Network, MovementLab
Gas Refill

Q2 - 2024

Magpie 1.0 stable
Magpie Intent stable
FLY Dashboard
New chains
EVM: Fantom, Klayton, Moonbeam, Starknet, Scroll, Astar, Heco

Non-EVM: Solana, Aptos, Sui
Perpetuals aggregation

Q3 - 2024

Account abstraction in FLY Dashboard
New chains
TBD based on activity and trends
CEXs liquidity aggregation
Magpie mobile app
Exchange listings

Q4 - 2024

New chains
TBD based on activity and trends
Magpie 2.0 Alpha
Liquidity Provision launch
Token rewards program for LPs and solvers

Frequently chirped questions

Find answers to the questions we get the most. If you need more, head over to our
help center for more topics covered, or open a ticket - we'll get back to you swiftly.

What is Magpie?

Magpie Protocol is a decentralized, liquidity aggregation protocol for cross-chain swaps. It provides the best deal on any asset, across many of the top blockchains, all without the need for the user to bridge any assets themselves. The end result is an extremely fast and gas efficient solution to cross-chain swaps.

Which problems are we solving?

Magpie is solving a few major issues in DeFi: bridging, liquidity aggregation, and the user experience. Within these areas, Magpie focuses on speed, security, ease-of-use, gas fees, user experience, and aggregation.

How are we solving Bridging and Liquidity Aggregation?

The easiest and simplest way to describe how Magpie Protocol solves the above is that we facilitate cross-chain swaps without the need for users to find or use any bridge or DEX themselves. Magpie accomplishes this by sending messages using the generic messaging layer on bridges to initiate a swap cross-chain, meaning users aren't limited to bridging stablecoins or only what the bridge has in the liquidity pool.

How are we enhancing the user experience?

One of the big advantages with Magpie is when you use Magpie to cross-chain swap, users don’t need to go to the appropriate bridge and DEXs, as we do it all for them. All a user has to do is select the tokens they want to swap, and which chains they want to do it on or to, that’s it. Using Magpie, a user can swap their PEPE on Ethereum directly for Brett on Base chain, without needing to find a bridge or DEX that supports either.

When is the token launch?

Magpie's token launch is planned for June 2024.

What is the Magpie Mafia?

The Magpie Mafia is a non-transferable NFT community campaign where users get a cool bird NFT that will evolve and grow with XP earned. The bird NFT will gain new ranks, weapons, clothes, hats, etc all for earning XP, which is earned by swapping through the Magpie Protocol dApp.

What are the use cases for FLY?

FLY will work as a governance and staking token. The fees on the platform will be redistributed amongst liquidity providers, FLY stakers, community rewards and operation funds.

Will Magpie show what is in my wallet?

Yes! Magpie has a portfolio feature on our dApp that will show users their token balances across all of our supported chains! Users can simply select to buy or sell from this list if they'd like a shortcut in the process of buying or selling a specific token.

Can I favorite specific tokens for fast access?

Yes! Simply hit the star next to a token and it will show at the top of the list when selecting which tokens to swap.

My tokens are stuck, what should I do?

The first thing to try is going to the transaction and checking to see if a new quote needs to be accepted. Sometimes when going cross-chain the price can change over the selected slippage amount so the router won't swap it out until the new quote is accepted. If this does not work, please submit a ticket on our Discord or Zendesk (linked on the main dApp page).

I’ve got more questions, where should I go?

You can check out our more in-depth FAQ here:

If you don’t see what you want to know answered there, please join us in our Discord or Telegram and feel free to ask our team members or moderators any questions you may have