The best-in-class DeFi experience.

Discover the quality-of-life features that makes Magpie stand out.

Supercharge your multichain journey today.

Magpie's experience is focused on making your life easy - whether you're a power user or just starting your DeFi adventure.

All your assets, at a glance.

Quickly view, buy, and sell assets from all compatible chains in your portfolio with ease.

Best routes for optimal pricing.

Leverage Magpie’s advanced routing algorithm to find the most cost-effective trading routes and save on fees.

Find any asset on any chain with ease.

Search for tokens across multiple networks at once for a seamless trading experience.

Swap anything to (almost) anything.

If the asset you want to buy or sell is on one of our compatible chains,
you can trade it on Magpie.
Swap on or across 12 chains on Magpie Protocol, with more being added regularly.

Large choice of chains to swap on or between

Swap assets within or across various chains. Magpie supports numerous popular networks, ensuring efficient trading.
Non-EVM chains coming soon
Magpie allows you to swap over 18000 tokens on or across multiple networks.

Trade a vast range of assets

Trade and manage a diverse range of digital assets, including liquidity pool (LP) tokens, yield-generating tokens, and more traditional tokens.

An abundance of liquidity, right at your fingertip.

Benefit from the virtually endless liquidity pool, enabling you to complete all your swaps effortlessly without ever leaving the dApp.

Cost-efficient swaps

Trade with our app for unbeatable price rates and superior output efficiency.

Over 18,000 assets available

Stablecoins, LP tokens, yield tokens, meme coins — you choose what you trade, not us.

Quick quotes, swift swaps

Turn complex, multi-step transactions into a single, streamlined action.

Stay in control of your assets.

Keep your crypto secure and swap directly from your own non-custodial wallet. We take care of the extra layers of security.

Connect through trusted wallets

We offer many options to connect your non-custodial wallet(s).

Insurance for your cross-chain swaps

Protect your cross-chain transactions by insuring them with Web3Shield.

Audited smart contracts

Our smart contracts are rigorously audited by QuillAudits for your safety.

Fortified security

Experience real-time monitoring and protection against smart contract exploits.

Making your DeFi experience smooth, swap after swap.

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Growing the nest, one bird at a time.


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