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Seamless cross-chain Swaps

No more waitlist! We are now on public beta, join the Magpies in the testing and help us bring you closer to an even better experience.

Fast and Cheap trades for you, right now.

During the beta, you can enjoy the following features.


Swap your assets

Efficient & secure trades at the right price, both on-chain or cross-chain. With 7 compatible chains and more to come.


Battletest the app

Your feedback and reports are crucial so we can constantly improve the experience and integrate new features.

Cross-chain swaps
made easy

Curious about Magpie? We have some great docs to read. So ifyou like to dive deeper and DYOR, it'll definitely help.

Cross-chain swaps made easy

Curious about Magpie? We have some great docs to read. So if you like to dive deeper and DYOR, it'll definitely help.


Want to learn more about Magpie's features?

Resources Center

All the documents and guides at your disposal to have the best experience with Magpie.


Who can participate in the Public Beta?

Any user with a Metamask wallet can use Magpie Beta.

What are the goals of the Public Beta testing?

Our app has evolved since it's Alpha phase. It is now better, but we're still looking into improving it, please submit reports for any bugs, issues or suggestion you may have.

How do I perform a swap? Is it easy?

With Magpie, it's incredibly easy, just follow the three simple steps below.
1. Select your starting blockchain and the blockchain you wish to receive your assets from drop down menus
2. Select the assets you’d like to swap
3. Approve & Swap

Can I swap assets cross-chain?

Yes, you are able to cross-chain swap across the supported networks/blockchains that were cited above.

Will I need to use a bridge to move assets to each chain before swapping?

No, Magpie allows you to cross-chain swap or move assets to another chain without the need for you to use or go to a bridge.

Can I swap assets on-chain like I'd be able to on a DEX?

Yes, Magpie supports on-chain swaps.

Is it on a testnet or mainnet?

The Beta is on mainnet, not testnet.

What networks are available on Magpie Beta?

Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum & Optimism.

What aggregator does Magpie use?

Cross-chain & on-chain swaps benefit from Magpie Protocol’s unique liquidity aggregator. It allows us to provide very competitive prices at great speed.

How are we able to provide the best price?

Utilizing our unique protocol and liquidity from all the biggest AMMs will make sure to get you an amazing price on the assets you choose to swap.

What liquidity pools specifically are you using?

Liquidity from many sources are integrated in the Magpie Beta. To consult the full list, check our documentation.

What features of Magpie Protocol can I use?

- Make a cross-chain swap
- Make an intra-chain (on-chain) swap

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